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Why Attend IDEAS Tech Camp?

Led by experienced adults who work in education, children enjoy a safe, nurturing and fun summer camp environment. IDEAS Tech Camp offers stimulating and traditional weekly themes, complemented with an abundance of varied daily activities and traditions. Review the themes below and register today. Perfect for kids who are either experiencing camp for the first time or returning from a fun experience last summer.

2024 Date and Themes For IDEAS Tech Camp

Tech Camp Junior, Ages 6-8

July 8: Dynamic Drones

Designed for campers with little to no experience flying drones. We use the safest and most reliable drone products on the market, including the Tello™ drones, for enhanced safety and most of all, fun. Campers learn the basics of drone technology and safety before taking to the air. Following a debrief on safety and basic flying maneuvers, young pilots will experience a program filled with excitement, challenges, and learning. Campers will also use rolling drones (including BB-8) and jumping drones to play Tic-Tac-Drone, Drone Bowling, and Duck-Duck-Drone.

July 15: Aquatic Robotics: Water Rescue!

Campers will be working in their Coast Guard Squads all week performing Mock Rescue, Navigation, and Exploration Missions in and around the water. Campers will collaborate on how to power vessels and boats using modern robots, build bridges to travel over waterways, and let loose with some repurposed classics that will teach the campers about forces in motion, momentum, and engineering. Campers will also chart a course with Magellan, save endangered turtles, and compete in a sailboat race. This will be a wet week for both the campers and the tech. 

July 22: Robot Battles


Whether you are racing your robot through a challenge course or competing in a head-to-head battle, campers will love this action-packed tech week. Come prepared to customize your robots to complete various challenges like dunking a basketball in a mini-hoop or catapulting an orange towards a target. Program your robot to jump over the lava pit and form an alliance with other campers to take down The Counselor-Bot.

July 29: K’NEX Theme Park

Step right up! Discover how we use wheels, gears, and pulleys to make things move and explore the forces that drive your favorite rides from trains to merry-go-rounds to Ferris Wheels. Using their imaginations, campers will build loop-the-loops and carousels to turn an engineering space into an amusement park. It is certain to be a wild ride as groups of young engineers drive, pilot, and wreck amazing robots through creative courses built with the always-popular, K’NEX sets. Code robots to navigate an amusement park as we build and also wreck roller coasters, giant swings and other exhilarating rides. Join us for a week of fun and learning as we take traditional theme park games/challenges and redesign them with the wonders of the K’NEX engineering platform. This camp provides the best combination of fine motor skill activities and programmable bot learning. No height restrictions for these wacky rides! 

Tech Camp, Ages 9-12

July 8th: Speedster Drone Championship

This program is specifically designed for both the novice and experienced drone enthusiasts. This week is filled with pure action as students enjoy one of the world’s fastest growing sports, Drone Obstacle Racing. Campers will first learn about the basic safety of drone flying and the history behind drone racing as a sport. From there, campers will progress through various skill challenges and learn how to perform various exercises and maneuvers to become familiar with the drone’s speed and agility. Campers will use iPads and remote controls to navigate the drone through short and long obstacle courses.

July 15: Robot X-Games

Robot X-Games competitions leave no stone unturned. BMX Big Air! Stadium Super Trucks! Street Luge! SnowMObile Freestyle! Moto X Quarter Pipe! Campers will be crafting, testing, and racing X-Games themed gear to compete in some of the competition’s most storied events. Campers will have endless exposure to technology like Sphero SPRK and Ollie, Parrot Drones, etc. through competition and creativity.

July 22: Drone Mission: Earth to Mars

3,2,1… LIFT OFF! Join our supportive, positive and professional instructors for an exciting week of drone camp where campers will launch off to a “Mission to Mars”. In this exciting program, teams of campers (Flight Squads) will prepare drones to execute a delivery mission: bring vital life essentials to the Red Planet. While simulating missions with the Odyssey and navigating low orbit satellites, campers will hone their flying skills and programming accuracy as they travel through space towards the Red Planet. Additionally, through the use of flying drones and robotic ground vehicles, flight squads will compete by simulating realistic space scenarios, ranging from the navigation of asteroid belts and planet exploration to partaking in Martian races and mineral collection missions. Strap on your drone space belts! It’s going to be an exciting voyage!

July 29: Aquatic Robotics: Water Racers

Come check out these awesome Hydro Missions using the aid of Robot technology! Perform in swim meets, sailboat bonanza, and cargo races with ocean liners, all while dodging sharks and getting a taste for treasure. This will be an action-packed week that provides campers with endless opportunities for crafting and engineering boats and bridges, learning concepts of force and momentum in the water, and competing in tons of fun races.


IDEAS Tech Camp Weekly Activities Include

Activities are approximately 30-minutes long and are intended to provide campers with a fun and educational opportunity to experiment with a variety of unique and innovative programs. Not every activity is offered on a weekly basis. Please check the Tech schedule for the activities being offered each week.

GaGa and Backyard Sports

Traditional indoor and outdoor sports including: GaGa, Soccer, Volleyball, Beach Games, Cornhole.

Interactive Play-Fitness Games

Get your body moving and your steps in as campers experience the IDEAS Interactive Gaming Wall, LED climbing wall, and more.

Campers Vs. Bots

Campers must strategize to defeat the opposing team’s robots and drones from scoring points during these action-packed activities. Activities include: Bots on the Run, RoboMaster, Sphero Battles, Robotic Arm Challenge

Engineering, Architecture, Design

Get ready to extract the thrills from the video screen and reconstruct the gaming experience directly into a live setting (without the video screen!). Teams attempt to outwit and out-maneuver one another to score points during friendly competition.

Eco Innovations

Build your own Solar Oven, Circuit Powered Mechanism, or Biosphere.

Technology Visual Arts

Utilize traditional technology and robots to design, paint, and create visual arts.

Digital Media

From the green screen to YouTube productions. Campers enjoy a wide array of technology and cartoon animation.

Inflatable Slip n' Slide

Summer is hot so we like to cool down daily with our Inflatable Slip n’ Slide and outdoor Water Games.

A Typical Day At IDEAS’ Tech Camp

Complimentary Morning Extended Care
(7:30am to 8:45am – included and free)
Normal Camp Hours
(8:45am to 9am)
Each Day Begins With:

Morning Meeting & Counselor Challenge Games


Morning Activity 1


Outdoor Backyard Sports or Indoor Interactive Game Wall & Fitness


(Before 10:30am – included and free)


Morning Activity 3


Morning Activity 4


Campers Bring Their Own Lunch

All of the above is an example of a daily schedule. Activity times and programs change week-to-week.


Afternoon Activity: Activity 5


Afternoon Activity: Activity 6


GaGa, Create-a-Game & Sport, or Water Sports


Afternoon Activity: Activity 8

Each Day Concludes With:

Afternoon Meeting & Counselor Quest Challenge

All of the above is an example of a daily schedule. Activity times and programs change week-to-week.

Normal Camp Hours Pick-Up
(2:55pm to 3:15pm)
Complimentary Afternoon Extended Care
(3:15pm to 5:30pm – included and free)

About IDEAS Tech Camp

IDEAS’ Tech Campers will want to arrive early each day of IDEAS’ Tech Camp. Girls and boys enjoy a new theme each week of the summer. This one-of-a-kind summer camp strikes the perfect balance between a focused weekly tech project, interactive and daily sports or games activities, and a variety of multiple innovative daily programs. Some examples of IDEAS’ Tech Camp theme-weeks include: Drone Racing & Obstacle Course, Engineering Adventures, Relevant Robotics, Kids vs. Bots, Digital Media Production, Eco Innovations, Technology Visual Arts, and so much more.

At IDEAS’ Tech Camp, we challenge campers to expand their interests while encouraging them to open their creative minds. We emphasize individual skills, basic fundamentals and techniques, and overall well-being in a positive, safe and fun learning environment—all while developing character and self-confidence.

Our approach to teaching and hands-on learning focuses primarily on teamwork, leadership and self-confidence. Daily improvement along with the effort over results is the fundamental principle that the IDEAS Camps was built upon. If you are looking to broaden your horizons in a fun and positive environment this summer, then IDEAS’ Tech Camp is the perfect camp for you!

Led by experienced and creative adults who work in both education and camps, IDEAS’ Tech Camp provides your son or daughter with a summer camp environment specifically designed for boys and girls who want to focus on a single project throughout the week, but also prefer to extend the learning and fun through multiple experiences that provide a variety of real-life applicable technology of the present and future. 

Each week offers boys and girls a new camp-theme and multiple activities, providing them with interactions, experiences and stories which will become the focus of attention during both the ride home and at the dinner table.


IDEAS Tech campers will flourish with a healthy balance between daily hands-on STEM projects and interactive high-energy daily activities that include both indoor and outdoor activity and play. Parents, you will not have to worry about your IDEAS Tech campers sleeping well in the evening as they fall asleep dreaming about the next camp day’s fun-filled, interactive, and action-packed camp day! Daily indoor and outdoor activity and play is extremely important for all campers attending IDEAS Camps and there will be no shortage each day with a lineup and variety of both timely and timeless tech games and activities.

Together with our adult-led staff, campers will have a blast working in small groups as they create, build, strategize, and challenge one another in this one of a kind tech adventure.

We believe there is a direct correlation between the movement of the body and an enhanced capacity for the developing mind to innovate and create. Therefore, each day all IDEAS’ Tech campers participate in a variety of play, from the enjoyment of traditional sports and games to creative play. All activities and games are team-based and challenge campers to either beat the clock or engage in friendly competition.

Our Leadership

Rest assured parents, because we are obsessed with the details of sourcing, hiring, and training excellent instructors and counselors to work at IDEAS Camp. Our company has 23+ years of experience sourcing, hiring and training well-qualified professionals to lead your children, who are entrusted under our supervision and care, each and every day. All IDEAS Tech campers are led by experienced and creative adults who have extensive experience working in education and/or working in a camp setting. Each IDEAS instructor who works with your son or daughter is fully vetted and has passed local and nationwide criminal background checks, in-depth reference checks, and a behavioral personality test – all to ensure that our company core values are upheld and our expectations are fully met each and every camp day.

Moreover, we have a dedicated team at IDEAS Winter Headquarters who work year-round to ensure each camp team member is a proper fit and represents our high level of standards including: safety, experience, courtesy, respect, professionalism, flexibility, and enjoyment. Our entire team of full time and seasonal professionals is filled with persons who lead-by-example, put others before themselves, serve as mentors and friends, and lastly celebrate your camper’s effort over results.

Our Training

IDEAS’ dedicated full-time Talent Acquisition team works year-round at IDEAS Winter Headquarters, all of whom have children of their own and obsessed with the execution of a proven and extensive professional hiring process. Moreover, we work throughout the year to develop an immersive multi-day, 30+ hour training experience which includes teachings, materials, professional development, and lessons presented: online, during webinars, in-person and on-the-job.

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Our Reviews

“I know how hard it is for the older kids to attend camp. For full transparency, my 7th grader really did not want to go to our camp this morning. However, he came home today so excited that two of his friends were in his group AND that he got to learn a new type of coding language. Here I was nervous all day and he totally surprised me when I picked him up. Just wanted to let you know since I most likely sounded the “false alarm” earlier today when we spoke in the morning. Here’s to a great rest of the week”

Jermaine D.

“Spectacular camp. Amazing. Cinthia and all of her friends attended camp last week (they were the Heroic Stemsters team) and each had an absolute blast. The camp had quite an impression on all of them since they could not stop talking about the fitness games, computer games, and counselor games they played and participated in. The IDEAS counselors provided the confidence and builds the self-esteem these girls need to feel comfortable in a mostly all boys program. I can assure you that more and more girls will be attending your camp in the future since I am now your biggest fan. Thanks again.”

Anna P.

“Your free extended care was really helpful to Dorothy and me this past summer. I cannot thank you enough for adding that as a free option. Usually, I cannot afford to send my older daughter to this high level of a camp because of the cost to attend these programs in the area. But since you include all of the free options, my husband and I can now send D to multiple weeks of your camp. Thank you for your generosity and making it affordable for all to attend.”

Kristy T.

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